Is Your Preteen Physically Ready For Team Sports? Five Things To Check Before Signing Up

If you have a preteen who is hoping to compete in team sports in junior high or middle school this fall, it's important to make sure she is physically ready to train and compete. Before your daughter starts any new or difficult spots, you can take her to a child health clinic in your area for a sports physical. Here are some things that should be checked and addressed before tryouts.

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Doctor's Appointment

Before you go to your next doctor's appointment, you may want to consider what type of technology you want to bring along to your doctor's appointment with you. Here are three ways that technology can help you get the most out of your next doctor's appointment. #1 Voice Recorder If you don't want to forget anything that is said during your appointment, you can bring a voice recorder along with you to your appointment.

3 Qualities Every God Physician Should Possess

Everyone knows the importance of going in to your doctor and getting a regular check-up each year. Not only does this make sure you are in good physical condition, but it also makes sure that you get the treatment they need if something is wrong. If you recently moved and are looking for a new physician, here are three qualities you should be on the lookout for as you make your decision.